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Using the Techstream to read the Data List allows the values or states of switches, sensors, actuators and other items to be read without removing any parts. This non-intrusive inspection can be very useful because intermittent conditions or signals may be discovered before parts or wiring is disturbed. Reading the Data List information early in troubleshooting is one way to save diagnostic time.


In the table below, the values listed under "Normal Condition" are reference values. Do not depend solely on these reference values when deciding whether a part is faulty or not.

(a) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3.

(b) Turn the power switch on (IG).

(c) Turn the Techstream on.

(d) Enter the following menus: Body Electrical / Telematics / Data List.

(e) According to the display on the Techstream, read the "Data List".

Body Electrical > Telematics > Data List

Tester Display

Measurement Item


Normal Condition

Diagnostic Note


Only MEID (cellular module ID) is displayed on the Techstream. Serial number to be assigned to cellular module in telematics.

Display the cellular module ID number

Display the cellular module ID number


Number of Trouble Codes

The number of the DTC which is currently output

Min.: 0 or Max.: 255

Number of DTCs will be displayed


    Short in Telephone Antenna Circuit (B1573,B15CB)

    Dcm Activation

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