Toyota Avalon Service & Repair Manual: Precaution




  • Before replacing the ECM, refer to Registration.

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  • Perform Registration (VIN registration) after replacing the ECM.

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  • Perform Learning Value Reset and Idle Learning after replacing or servicing parts related to engine operation.

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  • Make sure to perform Reset Memory (A/T initialization), when replacing the automatic transaxle assembly, ECM or engine assembly.

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  • When the cable is disconnected from the negative (-) battery terminal, initialize the following system(s) after the cable is reconnected.

    System Name

    See Procedure

    Lane Departure Alert System (w/ Steering Control)

    Intelligent Clearance Sonar System

    Parking Assist Monitor System

    Panoramic View Monitor System

    Pre-collision System

    Lighting System (for Gasoline Model with Cornering Light)



Observe the following items for safety reasons:

  • Before using the Techstream, read the instruction manual.
  • Prevent the Techstream cable from being caught on the pedals, shift lever or steering wheel when driving with the Techstream connected to the vehicle.
  • When driving the vehicle for testing purposes using the Techstream, 2 persons are required. One drives the vehicle, and the other operates the Techstream.
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