Toyota Avalon Owners Manual: Summary of functions

The multi-information display presents the driver with a variety of driving- related data, such as the current outside temperature. The multi-information display can also be used to change the display settings and other settings.

Multi-information display

  1. Indicators
  2. Driving assist system status display area
    Displays the operational status of the following systems:
    • Dynamic radar cruise control with full-speed range
    • LDA (Lane Departure Alert with steering control)
  3. Speed limit display (vehicles with a navigation system) (U.S.A.only)
  4. Speedometer
    The speedometer display can be enabled/disabled in on the multi-information display. When is selected, the speedometer may be displayed in the content display area.
  5. Content display area
    A variety of information can be displayed by selecting a menu icon. Additionally, warning or suggestion/advice pop-up displays will be displayed in some situations.
    • Menu icon content
    • Suggestion function
    • Warning message
  6. Odometer/trip meter
  7. Shift position
  8. Outside temperature
  9. Menu icons
  10. "ODO/TRIP" switch
  11. Meter control switches

Using the multi-information display

Using the content display area

The content display area is operated using the meter control switches.

  1. Scroll screens*, change the displayed content* and move the cursor
  2. Press: Enter/Set
  3. Press and hold: Reset/Display the next screen
  4. Return to the previous screen

Pressing and holding the switch will display the first screen of the selected menu icon.

*: When the screen can be scrolled or different content can be displayed, a mark, such as an arrow, will be displayed to suggest which switch to operate.

Using the odometer/trip meter

Items in this area are operated using the "ODO/TRIP" switch.

Press: Change displayed item

Each time the switch is pressed, the displayed item will be changed.

Press and hold: Reset

Display the desired trip meter and press and hold the switch to reset the trip meter.

Multi-information display

    Multi-information display

    Menu icons

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